AIR plugins are missing


I just updated to PT 10.1.2 and now all my AIR plugins are gone. Has this happened to anyone? And how I can get them back? Many thanks!

Mitchell Scott

Posted 2012-04-28T02:38:23.927

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just checked mine and they all seem working after the update. Ive got MBP with latest Lion. Did you check any updates for the plugins? – Pretaeperon – 2012-04-28T20:08:28.047



10.1.3 has been released as there were complaints of some major bugs with 10.1.2. Try downloading and installing that instead.

When you're installing there is a screen with the option to choose what elements to install. There's an option for the plug-ins, so make sure it's ticked.

Brendan Rehill

Posted 2012-04-28T02:38:23.927

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