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I will soon be in the market for a new pc to run protools 10. Is there any good companies in the UK that build a PC for protools? Using the correct motherboard for PT and quiet power supply /tower etc.


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Aria do some here that look pretty acceptable- never got one either. I'd have a long hard think about this or a mac pro though for this price range. You get much more bang for your buck with a PC which im always tempted by but macs are great for Pro tools.

My advice would be to not use a PC for audio unless it's going to stay offline. In my experience a couple of random updates and all sorts of weird thigs happen! Macs seem a bit more forgiving in this area.

Blue Owl Studios UK

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any idea if a company like this exist in the US? PCs built for pro audio? – Michael Gilbert – 2012-04-19T03:01:25.640

@Michael Yes, ADK: http://www.adkproaudio.com/

– Internet Human – 2012-04-19T11:24:39.477


Digital Village (dv247.com) does this: http://www.dv247.com/synergy/buy/. Never seen one, can't vouch for it but I'd hope they know what they're doing...

Hope that helps!

Justin Huss

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