Demo reel show n tell



Some I'd you may know me or some of my team personally, and I have posted quite a bit. But am often busy with work and not as "social" as would like to be. So I wanted to share our project reel from 2011. It's great to have and be a part of this community!

Look forward to your comments.


Matt R. Sherman

Posted 2012-01-22T18:39:40.250

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Very cool reel! Really liked the tense atmospheric horror-styled sound design in certain parts.

My reel is not as concise and coherent as yours, but I'll throw my hat in the ring here:

Thanks, Seth

Seth Norman

Posted 2012-01-22T18:39:40.250

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Thanks Seth. I watched the clips on your site. Very cool stuff indeed! Thanks for your comments and sharing your reel as well! Rock on man – Matt R. Sherman – 2012-01-25T16:41:07.163