Embedding or attaching a picture when cataloguing sound FX


Is it possible to embed / attach a jpg file (or any picture file format for that matter) to a WAV file? I read somewhere ages ago that you can but have been unable to remember where. I'm in the process of cataloguing a batch of recordings and was wondering if I should just include a photo I have of the location (which I thought might be useful) in a folder with the relevant WAV files or whether there's a more permanent way of linking the two. Does anyone else do anything like this when they're cataloguing?

Michael Maroussas

Posted 2010-05-24T23:45:49.097

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Check out Soundminer - it lets you assign image data when cataloging audio files, and then recalls that image in a sidebar when said audio comes up in a search. Definitely a handy feature for anything you may want a visual reference of later.

Jay Jennings

Posted 2010-05-24T23:45:49.097

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Thanks for that - I'm just about to upgrade from Miniminer anyway so I'll check that out. – Michael Maroussas – 2010-05-25T10:36:08.403