River/Large Stream Sound Design.


Hey chaps. In a bit of bother desperately racking my brains, I need to record foley for a game with a small river running through it and it's pretty last minute. Any ideas or techniques you've used before would be hugely appreciated. Thanks Dominic


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1@Dominic, I don't understand your question. Are you recording foley or trying to create the sound of a river? – Jay Jennings – 2011-12-08T01:46:14.670

@jayjennings Sorry bad wording (it's late here) I am trying to create the sound of a river flowing – Dominic – 2011-12-08T01:55:56.603



What kind of game is it? What kind of perspective are we hearing the rivers from?

If you have a contact mic or hydrophone, try recording running water by attaching the mic to a pipe (non-metallic preferably), or some other surface which is in contact with running water. I've recorded some great running water sounds using contact mics, which I imagine would work perfectly in a scenario where the sound was intended to be relatively symbolic (as opposed to trying to recreate a soundscape in a 3D environment).

James Bryant

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@James. It's in the style of skyrim, but on a much smaller scale but that is how it looks and feels. The river is flowing under a bridge that the player walks across. I think I do have a contact mic somewhere but not used it for some time, I will try and look it out and give it a try. Thanks! – Dominic – 2011-12-08T01:59:19.610

@Dominic If there's an immersive 3D environment like Skyrim, I imagine it would be good to have a layer with a bit more 'air' as well, something like a stereo recording of a stream or river. You'll know best of course! – James Bryant – 2011-12-08T05:33:37.170


i recently used my shower, tolilet,sink,kettle and hose to record loads of waters sounds for a video game aswell, i did record a small stream and pitch alter and Eq it to give it more size, hope this helps

Grant Sound

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here is a small river recording i did on my h4n...nothing special but with a bit of post production i think this could be workable sample ;) you can do and use this on whatever you want ;) http://www.sendspace.com/file/ykaqzd


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@Linas Thanks for the link, it has to be a original recording though. Sorted now. – Dominic – 2011-12-09T15:03:42.433


Not to pimp myself out here, but I do have a large collection or rivers and streams here: http://rabbitearsaudio.com/rea007-brooks-streams-waterfalls/


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@sepulchra thanks alot for link, it had to be a recording though, which i've now done. – Dominic – 2011-12-09T15:04:58.480


I'm working on a Kontakt (Structure?) samples library contains 61 surround streams from waterfalls to rivers and creeks spread from left to right thru the keyboard. Not ready yet but coming out soon.

Signo SFX

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@Bernard Sounds excellent, i'm all sorted now though. Thanks anyway – Dominic – 2011-12-09T15:05:33.967


Paul Bannister

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