How to encode MNIST data set on a quantum circuit to study supervised learning with QNN?


I am trying to implement arXiv:1802.06002. I do not understand how to take the data set from MNIST and apply it to a quantum circuit.

[†]: Classification with Quantum Neural Networks on Near Term Processors (Farhi & Neven, 2018)

Enrique Segura

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First, they reduce the size from 28*28 to 4*4 images (by downsampling), then convert into binary values for pixels by just comparing to a value. Then, they encode the data in a quantum uniform superposition (with computational basis representing a bitstring data image with its label).


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Can you speak more about encoding the downsampled image to be able to apply it to the quantum circuit? – Enrique Segura – 2019-07-07T20:59:15.513