What kind of mathematics is common in quantum computing?



From what I have seen so far, there is a lot of linear algebra. Curious what other kinds of maths are used in QC & the specific fields in which they are most predominately invoked.


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1This question is really, really broad. As the current answer shows, pretty much any and all maths can be used in QC. – heather – 2018-07-16T18:18:13.410

@heather I did not realize that when asking. I think it serves as a good reference for the future tho. – user820789 – 2018-07-16T18:37:23.043

4https://abstrusegoose.com/105 – DaftWullie – 2018-07-19T11:47:13.260

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1is there any area of mathematics for which you cannot see any possible connection to qc? – user820789 – 2018-07-15T08:07:42.087

2I've been thinking about it since seeing your question! – user1271772 – 2018-07-15T08:08:09.307

2I can't think of a lot of examples where vector calculus comes up. But they're the heart of Maxwell's equations, which you'd use if you're implementing an optical quantum computer. – user1271772 – 2018-07-15T08:27:14.400