Trump pardons...Trump?


If Gerald Ford was able to preemptively pardon Richard Nixon, what would stop Trump from doing that to himself? Why doesn't every president do that, just in case?


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2Most Presidents believe that that would tarnish their legacy. Where there is a pardon, there must be a crime, the public perception would go. And the idea that "most" Presidents do routinely do criminal acts is just plain wrong. – o.m. – 2020-12-03T05:06:05.757

It's amazing how many people believe The President has committed a crime yet cannot name what that crime was. – Frank Cedeno – 2020-12-03T15:46:44.030

@FrankCedeno I agree. The reason I ask is because there has been a lot of discussion about it. – Burt – 2020-12-04T01:05:00.040

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