Which aspects of Australian refugee policy are under state government control?


Queensland is having a state election very soon, and while I normally don't pay too much attention to state politics, I've been wondering to what extent state governments do actually make an impact on issues that I think of as federal issues.

In particular, which aspects of refugee policy are under state government control?

I know that application processing, offshore detention, Centrelink payments are all federal matters. I assume the question of quota numbers is federal, but the national quota could in theory actually be based on adding up individual state quotas. Could a state government decide to increase the national quota by saying they'll take an extra 5000 refugees?

What about asylum seekers currently being detained on Australia soil? There have been big protests outside a hotel near here where some asylum seekers have been detained for up to eight years. Could the state government decide to release these asylum seekers into the community for in-community processing of their applications? Or are they firmly under federal control?


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If the asylum seekers are held in a hotel, can they be under federal control? – JCAA – 2020-09-21T08:19:06.607

Well that's a good question. Looks like there were state police there too. Could the state government decide to not enforce the detainment? Would the federal government send in the AFP? – curiousdannii – 2020-09-21T09:59:44.033

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