What is the current status of Canadian parliament?


I'm Canadian, but not a huge follower of Canadian politics. I have been reading articles discussing opposition parties' responses and continuing reactions to moves that PM Trudeau is making with regards to the continuation of Parliament amid COVID-19. My understanding is that PM Trudeau has decided not to convene Parliament and that members are not able to engage in "question period", with one of the opposition parties comparing Parliament without question period to monarchy.

My question is:

  1. Exactly what is going on? Do I more or less have the right picture or am I missing details?

  2. Why can question period (and other parliamentary business) not be held online e.g. using Zoom, Skype, or some other service as so many of us have been doing to converse with others amid Covid-19?

  3. Why are bills being voted on and passed without question period, and which political part(y/ies) are responsible for passing legislation without knowing/verifying what's in it?

  4. Given various factors such as the proven benefits of wearing masks and social distancing, why hasn't (or can't) Parliament be reconvened, at least on a partial basis (with other members telecommuting as above) (comments sourced to PM Trudeau and/or the Liberal party and/or public health experts appreciated)



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