Are there any direct examples of wasta affecting the modern politics of Kuwait (2010s)?


I have just read about the idea of wasta, or: "using one’s connections and/or influence to get things done, including government transactions such as the quick renewal of a passport, waiving of traffic fines, and getting hired for or promoted in a job".

It is similar to nepotism, but it is apparently seen as a way of life in certain parts of the Arab world and as a potentially positive thing for helping people who are close to you but are usually overlooked. I have read about wasta being prevalent in nations like Kuwait and the way that it can be used for general political favors like getting a promotion, but I haven't found any exact examples of wasta being utilized in modern Kuwait politics.

Are there any proven examples in modern Kuwait politics (2010s) of a civil servant using wasta to receive a favor or particular advantage?

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Posted 2020-04-09T21:52:48.580

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