What's holding up Russia's OECD membership?


There was some news in 2013 that Russia was impatient to join the OECD.

I'm guessing the intervention in Ukraine and/or Crimea has thrown some cold water onto that, but (insofar) I haven't found any official explanation for the current status of the negotiations.

What are the main sticking points in these negotiations?


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Oh yeah, there's news from 2014 that the negotiations were suspended. I've only read the title of that insofar.

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Yes, it seems that intervention in Ukraine is one of the major reasons that is a road-block to Russia's OECD membership (OECD statement, 2014):

13/03/2014 - Further to a meeting of its governing Council on 12 March 2014, the OECD has postponed activities related to the accession process of the Russian Federation to the OECD for the time being.

At the request of the Members of the Organisation, the Secretary General has informed the Russian Federation accordingly.

Deutsche Welle provides even more insight for this matter:

The suspension of accession talks with Moscow came amid mounting international pressure on Russia over its role in the Ukraine crisis, which is set to escalate at the weekend when pro-Russian forces in Crimea hold a referendum aimed at seceding from Ukraine.

OECD membership is largely symbolic, but involves a series of examinations on OECD standards in areas such as democratic freedoms, tax and environment laws, as well as accounting and statistics rules.


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