Why is Oman interested in diplomatic relationship with Israel and vice versa?


Netanyahu visited Oman on the invitation of Sultan Qaboos bin Syed.

Looks like Oman would be the 1st country in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

What made Oman establish diplomatic relations with Israel and vice versa?


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Please explain GCC, or add a link. Google has LOTS of GCCs. – jamesqf – 2018-10-28T18:47:35.333

2Because diplomatic relations is the normal state of affairs between sovereign countries, perhaps you should look at why the other GCC countries break the norm and avoid diplomatic relations. Then you may discover how Oman's decision is different from the others'. – Ben Voigt – 2018-10-29T00:23:49.720

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Because there is a big standoff between Israel and Iran in the Middle-East. And minor, and especially tiny countries, seemingly are being forced to align with one of these countries.

All US-backed gulf states are moving towards Israel's side, mostly because of the Israel-U.S. alliance. The only exception (or, maybe looking like exception) is Turkey; it is trying to become a third regional leader in the Middle-East not aligned with the U.S.

Maybe, only maybe!, it is a probe by the Saudis; they may test Arabian-world reaction on such diplomatic act before establishing relations themselves.


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its far more complex than just Iran, but that is definitely a major component – None – 2018-10-30T12:35:32.023

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It's hard to provide links which describes basis for some foreign country motivations. But if i'll ever been in Oman, I'll ask sultain about what they've wanted from it.) – user2501323 – 2018-11-01T06:10:41.400

As stands this answer seems completely speculative. If the speculation is yours alone, its doesn't seem particularly valuable, but if you can point to supporting evidence in terms of positions taken by notable persons or organizations, those references improve the answer because they can be verifiable facts, even if they don't prove the position is factually true. – Burt_Harris – 2018-11-04T04:23:16.290

Question itself is about interests, in other words, motivation. So, it's hard to make clear evidence. Also, question consists of 2 parts. First is describing and undisputable I think, and second (when word "maybe" used) is, in fact, core of answer. Second part is disputable and I welcome any pro and counter arguments. – user2501323 – 2018-11-06T08:38:38.857

Not only speculation, but the last paragraph (Maybe, only maybe!, it is a probe by the Saudis) is a conspiracy theory, nothing more, unless you have some sort of proof. – CGCampbell – 2019-09-10T16:58:55.827

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