Tunisia's list of designated terrorist organizations?



According to BBC:

Tunisia has designated the hardline Salafist Ansar al-Sharia movement a "terrorist group"

[...] "Anyone belonging to it must face judicial consequences," he added.

Does Tunisia have an "official list of designated terrorist organizations", like India, Australia and others?

If yes, where can it be seen? (preferably online)


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No, there's no such an "official list", at least for the moment, since Ansar al-Sharia is the first organisation to be considered as such.


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1Reference? Is there any official document (written by the Tunisian government) that says Ansar al-Sharia is now designated? – nic – 2013-09-24T02:06:46.470

1Apart from the fact the prime minister announced that in a press conference, something I wouldn't call "reference", there is no document that I am aware of.

Not to mention that the Tunisian Gvmt is far from being transparent. That document may exist but not published. – ahmed – 2013-09-24T21:10:08.403