How much have carbon-based industries invested in anti-climate-change lobbying in Australia?


There are reports that oil, coal and gas industries in America have invested more than half a billion dollars on lobbying against acting on climate change. In Australia there are more than 540 'registered lobbyists, + many more unregistered. So I'm wondering how many of these are in the oil, coal and gas business, and how much do they spend on their lobbying?

Gordon Stanger

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Some links to the "reports" or the "more than 540 registered lobbyists" would improve this question. – Evargalo – 2019-07-04T07:43:08.570



This article tackles some very similar to what your asking and I think it provides an insight into the order of magnitude of Australian anti-climate-change lobbying spending:

The five largest global oil companies – ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron, BP, and Total – have spent a combined $US1 billion ($1.44 billion) on “misleading climate-related branding and lobbying” in the three years since the Paris Agreement was signed, according to research from InfluenceMap.

The same article provides a small graph to have a visual representation:

Spending on climate branding

While this certainly does not cover your question entirely, $US1 billion is a very rough figure to understand the size of the lobby in oil, coal and gas business related to climate change.


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