How did various countries come to the position that Tibet is a part of China? Roughly which and how many countries do not have a position?



("part of" meaning not independent or "occupied independent") I am especially thinking of European countries.

  1. British, US and Soviet positions "spreading"?
  2. Actual situation after 1950?
  3. Independent judgement of situation an history before 1949?
  4. Chinese influence?

I do know that no countries have a different official position.

I know the British made their own judgement, but possibly it was influenced by politics (relation to China). AFAIK US was just very supportive of the Chinese (ROC), and did not give Tibet much attention in the beginning. When it became an issue they were bound by their relation to ROC.


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Tibet was never an independently recongized sovereign nation. Please see my comment here

– Dylan Czenski – 2016-09-21T19:03:46.457

1How many countries do you mean by various? Don't you think your question is too broad? Also, why do you want to know it? – Rathony – 2016-09-22T12:49:52.867

@DylanChensky: Somebody would have to be the first, so this is not an explanation. (I don't see any relevant comments on that link) – Olav – 2016-09-22T19:46:07.727

@Rathony : Why do you think it is to broad? (Possibly you know more than me and it is, but I don't think so). About "How many countries", I don't know exactly. – Olav – 2016-09-22T19:51:32.483

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