Percentage of European terrorists who are refugees



What percentage of terrorists in the recent attacks in Europe have ever held the refugee immigration status in any EU country?

I am primarily interested in the data for the last 3 years or so. Any reasonable definition of "terrorist" will do (perpetrator of an actually carried-out attack, arrests for both planned and carried-out attacks, whether actually convicted or just a suspect, etc).

It seems like a basic question given all the heated discussions around this topic, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I've looked at the EuroPol reports, Global Terrorism Database, etc. I did find such data for the US (see 2nd chart on linked page) - surely something like this must exist for Europe?


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2I would note that there is a difference between a refugee (person who has been granted refugee status and recognised as in need of international protection) and a refugee claimant (person who has applied for asylum asserting a need for international protection, but whose claim has not yet been decided). – Bronwen Jones – 2017-05-07T16:32:30.643



According to here's a list of perpetrators from 2013-present, sorted by origin (source: clicking lots of wiki links, then clicking lots of reference links and googling names).


  • Michael Adebolajo
  • Michael Adebowale
  • Mehdi Nemmouche
  • Saïd Kouachi
  • Chérif Kouachi
  • Omar El-Hussein
  • Yassin Salhi
  • Fabien Clain
  • Abdel Abaaoud
  • Salah Abdeslam
  • Brahim Abdeslam
  • Omar Mostefai
  • Samy Amimour
  • Bilal Hadfi
  • Hasna Aiboulahcen
  • (Valence car attacker)
  • Safia S
  • Ibrahim El Bakraoui
  • Khalid El Bakraoui
  • Mohamed Abrini
  • Osama Krayem
  • Larossi Abballa
  • Abdel Petitjean
  • 3x (Essen bomb attacker) uncertain, could not find definitive report

IMMIGRANTS & VISITORS (non-refugee entry)

  • Bertrand Nzohabonayo
  • Ayoub El Khazzani
  • Rafik Yousef
  • Najim Laachraoui
  • Muhaydin Mire
  • Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel
  • Adel Kermiche


  • Ahmad Al Mohammad
  • Tarek Belgacem
  • Riaz Khan Ahmadzai
  • Mohammad Daleel

However, these are only Islamic terrorist attacks; Wikipedia does not currently have equivalent details for separatist and other internal political terrorism. OTOH, it's likely that those types of attacks are committed almost entirely by native Europeans (source: word definitions and logic). Therefore the percentage of refugees is approximately 4 divided by the total number of terrorists in this space-time interval (then multiplied by 100 for percent).

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4The list is incomplete (by Wikipedia's own admission) and does not line up with the Europol stats mentioned earlier in the article (not a single case of separatists attacks in the last few years, where Europol still has that as the most common type of terrorism). – Relaxed – 2016-07-28T21:53:05.437

9The question asked for a percentage. In this (not necessarily representative) sample, there are 4 of 34 (without the uncertain cases) which would be 12%. Europe took 1.3 million refugees just in 2015. When we roughly estimate that there are 2 million refugees in Europe by now, then approximately 0.0002% of all refugees turned out to be terrorists. Feel free to add this to the answer. – Philipp – 2016-07-29T08:40:37.517

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1This is as good an answer as any without being a member of the police or intelligence services privy to classified data. – Venture2099 – 2017-05-07T16:50:57.077

1@Philipp 0.0002% is still much higher than it is for those born in Europe. – Sjoerd – 2017-05-26T01:16:38.440

@Sjoerd: I would assume that someone trying to come to Europe with the intent of causing harm might very well claim to be a refuge to be allowed entrance, when in reality he has nothing to fear in his home country. Obviously it's hard to distinguish between real and fake refugees - if we could, there would be no fake refugees. – gnasher729 – 2017-05-26T22:18:11.930