Sabine Hossenfelder's Trouble with the Many Worlds?


So I was watching Sabine Hossenfelder's youtube video. I am uncertain if she does it justice. My understanding of the many worlds is as follows: The universe evolves according to the Schrodinger equation at all times. The non-unitary evolution of the wavefunction at a measurement is more a consequence of not taking qubits of the density matrix of the measuring device into account. Similar to the NOT gate being non-unitary but the CNOT gate being unitary due to ancilla qubits.

The question about why do we perceive that a universe in R rather a Hilbert space is because there is a non-trivial one to many mapping between the Hilbert space and many real worlds. Is this an accurate picture of the many worlds? Is there a rebuttal one can make against this? Where can I read about ponderings of the many worlds in this light?

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Her problem with it is because you can't detect another of the many world and experiment about it, and therefore the interpretation in its current state is unscientific. Hossenfelder self identifies as an instrumentalist and therefore what she cares about is only if a given model can produce accurate prediction, not if it corresponds to the deeper truth of the universe. Multi world interpretation is just the opposite of this view.

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Here's a transcript of the video. – benrg – 2021-02-26T21:23:28.090

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