What does “Objective Tendency” mean as used by Adorno?


I am beginning Minima Moralia and have found the dedication difficult to get through, but it seems like it contains important information. When discussing Hegel’s “relation to the subject,” and his tendency to “assign to individuation . . . an inferior status in the construction of the whole,” he mentions something about an objective tendency.

Here is the quote in context:

The knowledge that in prehistory the objective tendency asserts itself over the heads of human beings, indeed by virtue of annihilating individual qualities, without the reconciliation of general and particular—constructed in thought—ever yet being accomplished in history, is distorted in Hegel: with serene indifference he opts once again for liquidation of the particular.

Emphasis is my own.

What does he mean by this? I believe he also mentions this concept in The Dialectic of Enlightenment.

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