Article about local realism


I am looking for an article I read several years ago regarding local realism in physics, especially related to the resolution of the EPR paradox in different interpretations of QM.

Unfortunately I can't recall the title, the name of the (sole) author, or anything really useful to find it using search engines.

I only know that this article discusses the concept of local realism in physics, and argues that in any of four natural ways to interpret it, it falls short of either deserving its name, being a coherent concept in its own, or being in agreement with John Bell-Alain Aspect's resolution of EPR.

I remember I found it interesting and I would like to read it again. I am basically hoping that someone here has already read it and will thus guess which article I am talking about from such little information I provided. Anyone?


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Wow, I'm genuinely doubtful you'll find this article with so little detail in the ocean of articles that is the area of QM interpretations. I guess you should definitely try Quora as well. Hope you'll find it! – Yechiam Weiss – 2020-04-17T15:20:48.707

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