Is there a term for this interpretation of reality?


I am currently digging information in regards to subjective and objective realities and I was wondering if there is a name or a term for the following interpretation of reality.

It goes like this:

Only subjective reality to be considered real, where the apparent objective reality rules of physics are defined by the only reality compatible with all actors who experience subjective realities.

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1To identify this world-view I'd need a better description, as I cannot disentangle this one.The quote appears to endorse 'subjective Idealism'. A subject requires an object so the idea that only the subjective is real is not common. – None – 2020-02-15T11:28:24.967


The traditional term is subjective idealism. For an interesting modern twist on it see Subjective Interpretation of Quantum Physics by Ruyant.

– Conifold – 2020-02-16T00:08:20.650

@Conifold, your link to subjective idealism redirected me to monism which provide this nice diagram. From this diagram, I would say that the Monism Idealism would be similar to what I am referring to, I would simply define it as Matter < Mind(s) instead of Matter < Mind. Thx for your guidance.

– Greg7000 – 2020-02-17T16:52:37.663

"Monism" is not a specific term, it refers to any philosophy with a single "root nature" of reality. In particular, materialism and idealism are both monisms, and there is nothing it says concerning subjective/objective. – Conifold – 2020-02-17T19:03:16.823

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