How to start to understand Walter Benjamin's work?



How should I go about starting to understand Walter Benjamin's work? I don't have any special goal, but want to get to grips with The Arcades Project. How?

Just a quote from something I've not read, that drew me into doing so.

The Arcades expose reads like a series of captions...

  • Walter Benjamin: Modernity - Page 131

I looked at parts of it, but am lost as to what he's doing.


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You can see e.g. Esther Leslie, Walter Benjamin, (Reaktion Books, 2008) with some comments on the Arcade Project and ref in Biblio to some deficated books on it.

– Mauro ALLEGRANZA – 2019-08-30T14:59:59.320

there's a lot about bejamin, and some of it seems useless... that's why i asked @MauroALLEGRANZA – None – 2019-08-31T21:31:09.097

1@another_name What about it seems useless? (Put another way, what do you want that you aren't getting from those sources? This will help refine the question.) – Noah Schweber – 2019-08-31T23:00:44.050

@NoahSchweber good comment, thanks. i want to know what makes his work, work, and nothing i've seen answers that question. so if someone were to say e.g. "fragmentation and his erudition generates X because Y" that could be a starting point << (rather than e.g. a description of the work) – None – 2019-08-31T23:05:29.590

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