On Latin reception of Avicenna


I'm looking for an article represents a general picture of Ibn Sina's (Avicenna's) Latin reception in the middle ages.
For example in this book we read about reception of particular aspects:
Or this article is not peculiar to Ibn Sina:
Do you know an another article?

Ali Nikzad

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SEP has an Ibn Sina (Avicenna) entry.

– Mauro ALLEGRANZA – 2019-05-14T11:09:41.710


The SEP article linked in the post has a long bibliography list with many items specific to Avicenna's reception, e.g. Aertsen's, Bertolacci's, Black's, Hasse's, and so on. There is also a comprehensive Routledge volume Ibn Sina and his Influence on the Arabic and Latin World, and a chapter The reception of Avicenna in Latin medieval culture in Cambridge's volume.

– Conifold – 2019-05-15T04:27:22.770

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