What is the difference between the Superman and the Ultimateman?



In Nietzsche's words :

Man is something that shall be overcome. Man is a rope tied between beast and superman - a rope over an abyss.

Although the concept of the superman is well documented, there's a reference to another type of man in Nietzsche's most famous book (Also sprach Zarathustra: Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen) the ¡ultimateman!

What is the main difference between the two?

Andrej Hatzi

Posted 2019-02-20T09:32:24.887

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With "ultimateman" do you mean the Last Man (German: Letzter Mensch) ?

– Mauro ALLEGRANZA – 2019-02-20T12:32:16.297

"I love those that know not how to live except as down-goers, for they are the over-goers. " ? – None – 2019-02-20T16:47:12.237

I mean literally the ultimate man! "Give us this Ultimate Man, O Zarathustra' (Pag.47, Penguin Classics) and @MauroALLEGRANZA Why did you removed the metaphysics tag? This question is all about metaphysics! – Andrej Hatzi – 2019-02-20T22:47:01.827

1i think it's a good question that gets to the nub of 'nihilism' for today... maybe a d&g answer? – None – 2019-02-20T22:56:42.750

1What's a d&g answer? – Andrej Hatzi – 2019-02-21T09:43:25.660



Superman, Ultimate man, Overman are just different names to describe the same concept, so there is no difference between the two!

Karina Colbert

Posted 2019-02-20T09:32:24.887

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I suspect that is true, but would you have any reference to justify the answer? – Frank Hubeny – 2019-02-22T09:24:15.127

1The ultimate man is only called once in Zarathustra's book, "Give us this Ultimate Man, O Zarathustra", The Ultimate Man is just an apostrophe to the Superman, to be precise to any kind of Overman! – Karina Colbert – 2019-02-22T09:27:49.423

it is certainly not the overman that they mean!! @FrankHubeny – None – 2019-02-22T19:25:12.800