Would Carl Jung be considered a postmodernist?


All of Jung's colleagues were modernists, primarily because postmodernism wasn't around yet; they were all Freudian, and, as such, followed the Oedipal grand narrative. Jung, however, had a completely different view of the psyche, similar to the Structuralist model of linguistic meaning: meaning/archetypes are built into the system.

Jory Adel-Wells

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2An alternative name for postmodernism is poststructuralism, which questions whether even the "structure" can carry "meanings", think of Derrida's deferance. So no, an example of an early postmodernist Freudian would be Lacan. – Conifold – 2018-11-28T18:44:57.093

1I would rather call him a proto-mystic,His views on Alchemy and the 'Chemical Wedding', and his comments about metaphysics line his view up with the perennial view of Reality. I see no signs that he would have had any time for post-modernism. – None – 2018-11-29T12:44:48.787

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