Is it possible to live a life in which we never ever tell a lie?


How will we explain such a schema of life in which we never ever tell a lie according to the philosophical point of view?


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How would you know? In order to be always in truth.. you'd need to be omniscient. As an example let me ask you this.. who discovered America? – Richard – 2018-10-23T10:04:29.473

A state of affairs precluding both war and economic competition might foster honesty and truthfulness. And you don't need to be omniscient to be perfectly truthful, because telling lies always involves intent to deceive. Nevertheless, the reason people argue over who discovered America is purely political and economical, besides that so many different prehistorical groups were involved over a very long period of time. As for the 'philosophical fact' point of view, there would be no need for speculative persuasion. See The Works of William Chillingworth, chapter V, page 300 (free on google). – Bread – 2018-10-23T10:24:19.953

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@Richard To avoid saying things that are not true, you don't need to be omniscient - you just need to keep your mouth shut when you don't know something. And saying things that are not true is not the same as lying - lying involves the wish to deceive. – gnasher729 – 2018-10-24T22:07:52.610

One would be keeping one's mouth shut permanently... Because truth is a slippery thing. My dad says the scar on my top lip is from a broken dummy. My mum from a tooth.. both are adamant they're right. It matters to me that one of them is lying.. though not deliberately.. the reason humanity doesn't live in peace... Is proof that unintentional lies are still lies.. is there a God? Really? What to tell your kids then? – Richard – 2018-10-24T23:30:51.367



Yes, you can.

But then not many will believe that. So is it then false by consensus?

Yet there are many things only true because a majority believes it...

The truth is the Truth is not completely defined, and by extension the Lie not either.


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