Summary of Callicles and Thrasymachus's arguments regarding injustice


I find somewhat odd to find out that there does not seem to exist concise summary or review of Callicles and Thrasymachus's arguments for supporting injustice, so I ask this question: what would be concise summary of Callicles and Thrasymachus's arguments regarding injustice, and what would be the summary of Socrates/Plato/Aristotle (if applicable)'s arguments against Callicles's and Thrasymachus's?

John Taylor

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Welcome to Philosophy.SE! So, this seems a little problematic to me; is there any chance I can persuade you to revise this a bit to focus a bit more closely on some specific challenge or problem you're encountering in your study of the work in question or the ideas in it?

– Joseph Weissman – 2012-07-19T00:27:18.127

1Which brings up another point: you don't even mention the text you're reading! Please consider telling us a little more about the context and motivations behind your study of the Republic -- this is really important to help potential answerers frame responses. These are things like: what ideas, thinkers, texts you might be working through; what specific problem you're encountering and what sort of explanation you might be expecting; what you might have found out already; etc. – Joseph Weissman – 2012-07-19T00:30:57.690



Is there something that renders the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on the subject insufficient for your purposes?

I don't think you can reasonably expect a summary to be more concise than an encyclopedia article, and still be relatively useful.

Michael Dorfman

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