Which contemporary philosophers explicitly engage with Nietzsche's statement that "God is dead"?


Which contemporary theorists, especially of art or poetry, explicitly and deliberately engage with Nietzsche's statement that "God is dead"?

Obviously Nietzsche has had a huge influence on post / modernity, and with it the literature and art of the time. But what's really new, with respect to this particular statement of Nietzsche / his madman?


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If I am not mistaken then Arno Kleinbeckel referred to him in his 2009 "Seufzende Sterne". It is not poetry but rather a poetic contestation of the current zeitgeist.

Philosophical works are numerous. For a rather unusual approach I recommend Edith Düsing's "Nietzsches Denkweg" (Fink Wilhelm 2006) or Harald Seubert's "Zwischen erstem und anderem Anfang" (Köln: Böhlau, 2000).

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