Does the GS1 MCS industry guideline use US patent 8228198?


In March, 2012, all of the UHF Gen2 RFID chip manufacturers agreed to support Multi-vendor Chip-based Serialization (MCS), a voluntary implementation of a GS1 guideline for encoding 96-bit Serialized Global Trade Identification Numbers (SGTIN-96) into UHF Gen2 RFID tags. See:

In June 2013, ADASA and Accelerate Ventures claimed that the GS1 guideline uses US 8,228,198. See:

Does MCS use 8228198?


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This second image provides additional reasons why MCS does not use US patent 8228198

MCS does not provide uniqueness as required by the 198 patent


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The attached image explains why MCS does not use US patent 8228198

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