Patenting Products in Other Countries


I'm a start-up and I want to patent my products or apps and post it on the google play and app store. I already asked my friend who took law. She said that my app should and can be patented. I don't live either in U.S or U.K. I only know how to patent my apps in my country. How can I protect my apps outside of my country? How much does it cost to patent an idea in another country?


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If you are looking for international coverage, there are several options, including:

This answer doesn't cover all options and each option provides you with a different filing date. As always, talk to a patent professional in your targeted country or countries.


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Also, you do not need to be a resident of the US or other country to file there. By international treaties a country can't treat domestic applicants different from foreign applicants. In the US an initial filing can be done in any language.

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