Search engine to find all prior patents of patent attorney



Do you know a US / EU search engine where you can type in a patent attorney name and then find all patents and customers who he/she released patents with?


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For the U.S. you can go to its patent search page and search for Legal Representative (LREP). I tried it with my first name last name, got 0 hits; first name middle initial last name, got 0 hits. Then I tried LREP/("George" AND "White") which would hit if anyone had my first name anywhere in their name AND also had my last name anywhere in their name. I got 50 hits and saw the name format used - last name; first name - maybe middle initial. Using that LREP/("White; George") I got the same 50 hits, as it happens.

A big caveat is many firms put the firm name on the issue fee payment form rather than the specific practitioner's name. I just looked up a mentor of mine who must have several hundred patents granted and it comes up zero. The information is not secret, the actual filings in every case ( individually available at Public PAIR) must be signed by an actual person who also puts down their registration number.

George White

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