Can I search for more than just the top 1000 results using Google's Patent Search Engine?


on Google's support page for patent searches (see here: it says that: "You can download up to the top 1000 results by clicking "Download (CSV)". This may take a few seconds to generate. Fewer than 1000 results may be returned." I want to see more than 1,000 of the results. Is there anyway to do that -- perhaps using a different search engine?


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I would recommend The Lens. It allows download of either 1000 or 10,000 patents via their "Collections" feature. A found a blog post that goes through it step-by-step. They have two alternate formats to .csv.

George White

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The Lens also finds more relevant patents than Google Patents based on my experience. You inadvertently spelled “csv” as “cvs”. – Eric S – 2019-04-05T12:53:28.113

thanks for spotting yet another of my typos. – George White – 2019-04-05T16:50:51.390