An idea for mobile phones screen utility option


I have an idea! (Just) in my is a very useful idea when it will b practicly use in for upcoming mobie phone which will be more convenient to use there phons easily...

So shall I patent my idea (non documentationly) at international n what I have to do?


Posted 2018-05-26T16:20:49.780

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Please proofread and edit your question. You may want to consult with a patent attorney. – Eric S – 2018-05-26T17:02:16.943

Yes I want to consult – satyendar – 2018-05-26T17:05:12.883

It is an idea just but,it will b a big implementation. – satyendar – 2018-05-26T17:06:40.883

2Since you can’t disclose your idea here without potentially losing patentability, there is little advice we can provide. You should actually talk face to face with an actual patent attorney. – Eric S – 2018-05-26T20:06:22.087

It's a little hard to tell what you're asking at the moment. If you could revise your question to be a little more targeted, we may be able to be provide you a useful answer. – Maca – 2018-05-27T06:59:06.370

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