Where are the figures related to patent?


i need the images/ figures related to patent WO2017064292 (A1) ― 2017-04-20 as i have found difficulty to understand the procedure without having the figures. There is mentioned that figure 2/3 but i have not found any figure there. I have tried to find it by espacenet but its not clear.

Kindly share it as soon as possible.

Thank you


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patent WO2017064292 (A1) ― 2017-04-20 – mariam – 2017-12-01T15:55:12.073



You don't provide a link to where you found the document, but I think if you use The Lens for your patent search, you find the entire PDF including figures. This is just one example where The Lens beats Google at patent searching. There are others.

By the way, this document is not a patent, but a WO patent application. It may or may not eventually become a granted patent and even if it does, the claims very likely will change.

Eric S

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Eric, Thanks for the link to the Lens. Very useful. – 3dalliance – 2017-12-05T17:48:18.870

@3dalliance It is a good site. More reliable than Google. For instance when I search for my own granted patents, The Lens finds them all where as patents.google.com seems to miss more than a few. No idea why. – Eric S – 2017-12-05T17:50:28.240