Images available?


In reference to the patent: US9045201

I would like to know if all this images are available anywhere to better understand the meaning of this document.


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It turns out that "" often has issues with displaying images and really shouldn't be used. If you really want to use Google then use the site "". Here is the same patent at You'll notice that the images are displayed. Another option is The Lens. It is also completely free, but if you register, you get various useful advantages including the ability to save searches. I find it better and more reliable than Google for searching patents. Here is the same patent found on The Lens.

Of course you can also use the official sites provided by DonQuiKong. I find "" and "" easier and faster.

Eric S

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I don't know why they are not available at google, but if you follow for example the espacenet link (at the google page at the right where it says external links) or the USPTO link you will find the images.


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