My husbands name is on patent.He passed away.Who is legal owner now?


My husband developed patent # us496567..He passed away. Another company is using the procedure..Who owns the rights?

Joanie Lobdon

Posted 2017-02-14T04:45:36.907

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Did you perhaps leave a digit off the patent number? If so please correct it. – Eric S – 2017-02-14T15:27:08.413

Can you please check the patent number and perhaps provide us you husband's name. I didn't find a single US patent with "Lobdon" as the inventor. – Eric S – 2017-02-14T15:53:51.757



I'm sorry for your loss.

A patent has one or several inventors and one or several owners. Those do not have to overlap. The inventors stay the same, the owners can change as a patent can be treated as normal property and therefore sold.

US496567 is an old patent, it has lapsed (patents only protect an invention for a certain time, 20 years now, at that time it was less), so nobody owns it anymore.

This patent is from 1893, are you sure it is the right one?


Posted 2017-02-14T04:45:36.907

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