Are other manufacturers allowed to produce an oxylobactor formigenes probiotic?


In reference to the patent: WO2015002588A1

What is the scope of this application?

Can it stop other manufacturers from creating anything containing the supplement?

I heard in Asia there is a supplement containing this strain, and I'm not sure whether they could be infringing on this.


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An application is not a patent. An application cannot stop anyone from doing anything. Furthermore, the claims of an application may change during prosecution.

What if the application does become a patent with the claims as currently written?

Well, is "an oxylobactor formigenes probiotic" a "secretagogue derived from oxalate degrading bacteria" as recited in Claim 1?

Focus on the claims. Is every item in a particular claim found in a potentially infringing product? I don't know this technical field, so I can't comment further.


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