What is the full title of this patent application US 2014/0276500 A1? Is it still pending review?


In reference to the patent: US 2014/0276500 A1

What is the full title of this patent application?

Is it still pending review?

E Knowlton

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I think Google Patents has the application title correct: Medical device, method of making and using the same. However, that does sound more like the title of a patent class, not a patent application.

This was the title from the original specification document (March 12, 2014):

Original Specification Title

However, a revised specification (April 4, 2014) provided a new title: "Ostomy Protection Device":

Revised Specification Title

Ultimately, when the application published on September 18, 2014, the original title was used:

Notice of Publication

No further events have transpired on this patent, so it is still pending (see USPTO Public Pair, search by Publication Number US 20140276500 A1) and look at the Image File Wrapper.


Posted 2015-11-12T02:12:02.910

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