In reference to the patent: [WO2014007762A1]


In reference to the patent: WO2014007762A1


I came across an idea which is similar to this patent and during my search found it's already been patented. I do have a few questions (namely the inventor) and hope I can get some answers.

  1. This invention/idea, has it already been implemented or is it in the process of doing so?
  2. If not yet what are the hurdles faced?
  3. I firmly believe it is a very good idea and if the inventor is interested he can contact me so we can share ideas.

Thanks, Don.


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Unfortunately, we do not have a direct channel to the patent holder so they will not get your message here. For contact information see How can I contact the owner of a patent?

– Robert Cartaino – 2015-10-07T18:14:03.210

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