Prior art for athletic gear with padded seat area


Patent application #20120222191 titled "Sports garment with a seat pad, in particular for cycling" claims to have a unique method for attaching a padded section to a spandex cycling short. Here's claim 1 from the patent:

A skin-tight sports garment comprising at least a portion acting as trousers and a seat pad located in a crotch area of the garment, the seat pad comprising a front attachment region to the garment and a rear attachment region to the garment, a central portion of the seat pad being free from attachments to the garment and thus forming a loose bridge portion of the seat pad in the inner crotch area of the garment.

Having worn them myself, I know that padded sports garments have been around for years and there must be prior art for such.

What prior art addresses padded sports garments - particularly cycling shorts?

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Are they patenting the "Loose bridge portion of the seat pad"? – Alex Chamberlain – 2012-09-20T15:29:57.287

1I think the "front and rear attachments" portion of claim 1 is the sailient part. All cycling shorts I've seen have the chamois stiched in all around, rather than attaching at just the front and rear portions. – Zoe – 2012-09-20T17:22:51.887

Here's a link to a whole bunch of cycling shorts..

– Alison S – 2012-09-20T17:50:01.833



To me this seems like what motorcycle clothing has been doing forever. In jackets and pants they have padding inserts that can be removed and/or replaced. They are primarily for protection in case of a fall but to me this sounds like the exact same proposal. Just in a different area of the body.


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