What exactly is the patent on?


In reference to the patent: USD433631

Is the patent on the idea of a label that rips in the middle of the jar? Is there any way to find out more information about this patent?


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Design Patent Claims:-

ornamental design for a peanut butter jar.

in my opinion It has something to do with opening of Jar with tear strip seal if it has been opened label will rip off.

I tried to search inventor in Google but nothing extra ordinary came up.


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Careful ... design patents should (practically) never have to do with functionality ... ONLY the 'look / appearance' of what is depicted and claimed. – SRDC – 2015-11-07T05:02:40.013


This is a design patent, so it's a patent that protects the appearance of this "peanut butter jar" with a tear-off strip in the middle. It doesn't protect a label that rips in the middle of the jar, because that's not what is illustrated. And what is protected is exactly what is shown in the figures.


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