Using Mathematica to connect to Cloudera Impala


I am trying to connect to Cloudera Impala via Mathematica, but so far I have not been able to do so. Has anyone ever done it?

I have been able to connect to it via R using the JDBC or ODBC interface and the Cloudera JAR driver.


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You need to elaborate more in your question. Please share the code you are working on. Only good questions are likely to get great answers. Please edit your question to improve it. have you look into JDBCDrivers and Database Connectivity?

– rhermans – 2015-10-16T10:51:56.643

Don't know much about Cloudera. It seems like a Hadoop management system? Mathematica has HadoopLink

– Lost in Knowledge – 2015-10-16T13:17:33.893

Both thank you for your comments. Unfortunately i can't share any Mathematica code in this case since i do not know how to connect with Mathematica to Impala. If it does help i can share an R example script . I am using R right now as alternative. In R i am using a JDBC driver and the Cloudera JAR. Yes Cloudera is based on Hadoop however the database query i am using is not using directly the Hadoop interface. – bernddude – 2015-10-16T19:04:16.347

I did spent some additional time on this and i do believe i found a solution. Maybe it will help somebody else. Step 1: load the Cloudera Device Driver ( Step2: set the Classpath : Needs["JLink`"]; AddToClassPath[FileNameJoin[{Directory[], "Impala"}]]; Step 3: open a connection conn = OpenSQLConnection[ JDBC[ "com.cloudera.impala.jdbc4.Driver", "jdbc:impala://" ], "Name" -> "manualImpala", "Username" -> "" ] (sorry for the messy edit)

– bernddude – 2015-10-16T23:33:44.540

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