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I am an SQL developer and very new to Mathematica. As per my requirement I need to make a connection from Mathematica to my sql server database, after which my client will do some analysis with the data from the tables. I tried make a connection using DatabaseExplorer. After entering all the information (Server name, db, user, password), when I hit test button , I am getting a error saying JDBC::error. I even tried this

OpenSQLConnection[JDBC["Microsoft SQL Server (jTDS)", "HC1235/TEST_DB"], 
  "Username" -> "TESTUSER1", "Password" -> "Dataanalysis15"]

which gave the error

JDBC::class not found

Can someone please help me here. Please ask me if you need more info about the question. Any help will be appreciated.


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Here is an example of connection for SQLServer:


  conn = OpenSQLConnection[
    JDBC["Microsoft SQL Server(jTDS)", ""]
   ,"Username" -> "myUser"
   ,"Password" -> "myPass"


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