Programming with Dynamic


I don't understand the following:

  f[a_, b_] := a + b
  ls = {1, 2, 3};
  MapThread[f, {ls, {10, 20, 30}}]

This yields ( as expected ) {11,22,33}

If I change the code to

  f[a_, b_] := a + b
  ls = {1, 2, 3};
  MapThread[f, {Dynamic[ls], {10, 20, 30}}]

mma returns the following message:

  MapThread::mptd: Object {1,2,3} at position {2, 1} in MapThread[f,{{1,2,3},{10,20,30}}] has only 0 of required 1 dimensions. >>

Question: Why does this happen? How can it be fixed?

nilo de roock

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The first gives me {f[1, 10], f[2, 20], f[3, 30]}; I suppose you cut and pasted the wrong thing! – acl – 2012-05-20T09:54:27.593

Already changed it, sorry ! – nilo de roock – 2012-05-20T09:58:51.380



Even though Dynamic[ls] is presented as ls, its head is Dynamic:

x = Dynamic[ls]
{1, 2, 3}


Basically, Dynamic is a wrapper, and is there even if you cannot see it. Its like you were writing

MapThread[f, {symb, {10, 20, 30}}]

with symb undefined, or

MapThread[f, {Integrate[symb[var], var], {10, 20, 30}}] 

You can fix it by doing

Dynamic[MapThread[f, {ls, {10, 20, 30}}]]



Wherever you had written Dynamic[ls], you still have Dynamic[ls]. It may be displayed by the frontend as {1,2,3}, but it is not; it's Dynamic[ls]. So, MapThread goes to look at the first part of its second argument and sees Dynamic instead of a List, so it stops and emits a message; this message includes Dynamic[ls] in it. When the message reaches the "surface" to be displayed, Dynamic[ls] gets automatically interpreted by the frontend as usual: it's displayed as {1,2,3}, because that's what ls evaluates to. But it is still Dynamic[ls], not {1,2,3}, which is simply how it is displayed.

Try this: Do[Sin[i], Dynamic@{i, 1, 2}] and think about what happens...


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Sorry, I don't get this. What should I do to fix this? – nilo de roock – 2012-05-20T10:04:49.577

I still don't get, but it WORKED. Dynamic still has its mysteries to me. Thank you. :-) – nilo de roock – 2012-05-20T10:22:00.377


Dynamic doesn't work the way you think it does. See this answer for a full explanation.

In short, Dynamic doesn't do anything until it is actually displayed on screen.
Therefore, you are essentially doing this (note the String):

MapThread[f, {"Dynamic[ls]", {10, 20, 30}}]

As acl already showed, you can wrap the entire expression in Dynamic so that it does not attempt to evaluate the failing condition shown above.


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