Change the height of a function being plotted



How do I alter the height of any function plot using the Plot function?

Mathematica seems to limit the height of the plot up to the range of a function and distort the ratio of the Plot

Here in the above example the plot has a distorted axes ratio. How do I correct it?


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Have you looked at AspectRatio in the options for Plot? – rm -rf – 2012-05-06T05:37:07.410

That doesnt alter the range display it just alters the relative height and width of the whole plot not only the YAxis – The-Ever-Kid – 2012-05-06T05:52:01.870

Oh, in that case, have you looked at PlotRange? – rm -rf – 2012-05-06T05:52:42.227

Tried that it does what I was looking for .But it increased the height of the plot graphic . Doesn't matter I can always use AspectRatio .I got this Finally -> Plot

– The-Ever-Kid – 2012-05-06T05:59:44.847



Maybe AspectRatio -> Automatic which gives a 1:1 scaling of your function?

Plot[Sin[x], {x, -12, 12}, AspectRatio -> Automatic]

Mathematica graphics

If you take issue with the tight spaced tick-marks you can control that with Ticks:

Plot[Sin[x], {x, -12, 12}, AspectRatio -> Automatic, Ticks -> {Automatic, {-1, 1}}]

Mathematica graphics


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