Showing Steps of Calculations


I'm solving a a differential equation in Mathematica and was wondering how to show the steps, like how Wolfram|Alpha does it, in the program. Any ideas?


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I don't believe Mathematica will do that on its own, but you can obtain the Wolfram|Alpha result (including step-by-step) like this: WolframAlpha["solve (x+1) y'(x) + y(x) == x"] – mfvonh – 2014-06-19T05:14:08.093

Thank You. It worked, just have to put how you'll input it into Wolfram|Alpha rather than the actual code to solve it. – David – 2014-06-19T06:39:45.137

WolframAlpha probably doesn't use the method it shows actually to solve differential equations under normal circumstances. The steps are most likely a separate calculation to show how one could solve it using elementary techniques, and this isn't implemented in Mathematica. – Oleksandr R. – 2014-06-19T12:45:29.850

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