What are the limits of the Prime-functions?


Will Prime and PrimePi test up to 3 * 10^12? Where can I find the limits for these funtions? Also, what are the limits for PrimeOmega and PrimeNu? More generally, is there any documentation that gives limits for all of Mathematica's functions?


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Try here

– cormullion – 2013-12-14T11:36:03.333

I can't find the answer there unfortunately – martin – 2013-12-14T11:48:50.320


The maximum of Prime has been discussed here: http://mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/3327/what-is-so-special-about-prime/3365#3365

– C. E. – 2013-12-14T11:59:09.097


Ilian Gachevski mentions over at wolfram community that PrimeQ is valid up to $2^{64}$

– ssch – 2013-12-14T12:25:57.460

1Test in PrimalityProving is correct for all natural numbers but is much slower. – Artes – 2013-12-14T13:05:12.033

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