Exporting large png results in completely black image


When trying to export an Image as PNG the resulting file is a completely black image. This happens only for certain images I have not been able to determine exactly which, so I uploaded a notebook that triggers it. Is this a known bug with a known fix?

brokenness screenshot

Some system info:

Fedora 19 3.9.9-302.fc19.x86_64
Mathematica 8.0.4


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On Windows 7 MMA8 has the black box, and as g3kk0 noted it works on MMA9. So this seems to be a version related issue independent of platform. – Sjoerd C. de Vries – 2014-01-08T13:01:56.883

Ok with Mathematica on Windows 7. Interesting image. – Chris Degnen – 2014-01-08T13:17:25.243

1Looks fine on Mac OS X, Mathematica 9... – cormullion – 2013-07-28T21:47:58.190


Looks fine for me

– rm -rf – 2013-07-28T21:48:15.057

1Looks good on Windows 7, Mathematica 9. – g3kk0 – 2013-07-28T21:49:45.140

Thanks for testing it. So I guess linux specific, v8 specific or ssch specific – ssch – 2013-07-28T21:49:59.907

1Mac OS X, Mathematica 8, reproduces the black square. – gpap – 2013-07-29T13:23:50.043

1Your noteboook worked for me in Mathematica 9.0 but not in Mathematica 8.0. OpenSuse Linux 12.2 Mathematica 9.0; Linux 3.4.47-2.38-desktop x86_64 GNU/Linux – c186282 – 2013-07-31T00:26:06.077



Judging from the comments this is a bug in version 8 on all platforms. Specifically I think, a bug in PNG.EXE that Mathematica 8 uses to import PNG files.

On windows, it is located here:

C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\8.0\SystemFiles\Converters\Binaries\Windows-x86-64\PNG.exe

No such file exists in my version 9.0 converters folder, so I assume importing PNGs has been internalized (and, apparently, improved).

A workaround would be to import/export as tiff. The resulting image in Mathematica is the same as before. If a PNG is desired an external converter could be used to convert TIFFS to PNGs.

Sjoerd C. de Vries

Posted 2013-07-28T21:42:51.080

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