error database connection MMA 12.2


I work with MMA 12.0. When I want to make a connection with met Oracle Database, I do:

$connection = 
 OpenSQLConnection[JDBC["Oracle", "localhost:1521/xxxx"], 
  "Username" -> "xxxxxx", "Password" -> "xxxxxx"]

After this I can query my Oracle dbase like

SQLExecute[$connection, "select * from tablename"];

Everythin works fine. Now I installed MMA 12.2. When I use the same script on the same computer I get a error like:

KeyExistsQ::invrl: The argument Association[Flatten[JDBCDrivers[]/. JDBCDriver[Name->DatabaseLinkSQLPrivatename_,Driver->DatabaseLinkSQLPrivatedriver_,Protocol->DatabaseLinkSQLPrivateprotocol_,_,_,_]:>{DatabaseLinkSQLPrivatename->Association[Rule[<<2>>],Rule[<<2>>]]}]] is not a valid Association or a list of rules.

JDBC::classnotfound: Oracle

Is there a easy way to fix this issue without 'disturbing'the settings of MMA 12.0

Michiel van Mens

Posted 2020-12-18T12:49:36.797

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2This sounds like a bug, you should report it to Wolfram Research. – Jason B. – 2020-12-18T13:58:15.380

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