Reading RData files without RLink


I am using Mathematica 8. I would like to read some RData files which I have received. I do not currently have an installation of R on the machine with Mathematica.

John Smith

Posted 2013-03-22T14:14:09.807

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@Szabolcs He has version 8. – halirutan – 2013-03-22T14:38:42.543

This answer may possibly help, if you are on Windows. – Leonid Shifrin – 2013-03-22T17:36:34.463



Without RLink, which is part of version 9 and is not available in version 8, the easiest way is probably to install R and export the data in a format that Mathematica can read. This question should help you export the data from R.


Posted 2013-03-22T14:14:09.807

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2I know that you asked for a solution without R, but I truly believe that the least effort solution is to install R and export in an alternate format. – Szabolcs – 2013-03-22T15:14:55.690

I agree, this seems the easiest way.+1. – Leonid Shifrin – 2013-03-22T17:38:04.343